My Self-Care Journey

Something I’ve learned from this past year is what stress and your environment can do to your mental and physical health! I’ve spent these past few months trying to surround myself with positivity and spending time to myself when needed and trying my best to not overwork myself!

These past few weeks of school have been pretty brutal and I’ve been feeling super unmotivated and have been struggling to find the positivity around me, which (plus the 98 degree weather) has been causing my skin to flare up, continuing my loss of positivity and confidence!

But today, I decided to take a photo for funsie, which ended up being a wonderful reminder to me that I’ve made so much progress in both mental and physical health, and I got to keep pushing! Although certain areas of my body are still flared up, I’m beyond proud of the areas that have calmed!

So here’s a before and after from sometime a few months ago and now! (I apologize that it is decently graphic, so please don’t slide through the photos if you aren’t good with health conditions! 😢)


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


I’ve had a pretty serious case of eczema for the past two years or so and it has honestly been such a brutal experience. I’ve lost so much self-confidence and have hated being in my skin for so long! (I’m so grateful however though since I do realize that there are many other conditions I’m blessed to not have.)

From countless (and not so useful) doctor appointments, to many many many ointments, oral medication, and bandaids- it’s been quite a struggle and journey. My eczema has been all over my face, ears, chin/neck, arms, legs, and even my lady parts and more! It has oozed and weeped, making it hard for me to wear certain articles of clothing. I’ve spent a bajillion nights putting on 5 different ointments and spending tons of money on lotions and more!

At one point, I decided that these steroid creams were not doing anything for me except maybe even damaging my skin even more! (I had one patch of skin actually growing tiny hairs!! Shh!)

So, I decided to just try a natural route (with of course, still using some probiotic creams to help calm down the inflammation and oozing). I decided to take my winter break and my winter quarter of school and just relax. To cut down on things, cut back on people.. to just surround myself with those who provide positive vibes and cut out those who have hurt me or caused negativity in my lives. I decided to just do me, enjoy what I do, and just to enjoy my days. Although of course easier said than done, a change of mentality actually did so much for me. To just not care for what others think, to spend a few hours in the school/work week to just enjoy my life with crafting, relaxing or cleaning! I dropped an office job and picked up a craft studio one. I, myself calmed down.


These past two months have been just a little bit crazy however.. since I’ve been preparing for lots of end of the school year events with millions of meetings and course work I have not been getting to (which has been stressing me out more than anything). My hours to myself have been occupied with laying on my bed deciding whether to sleep or to study, and leads to more planning for the week instead. I’ve fallen back into my work zone and work habits that have been causing my skin to flare up (especially the skin on my chest, which saddens me so much and has been causing so much discomfort!)

So, today I decided to take a moment to type all of this and breathe. To remind myself that things will always get tough, but I CANNOT lose sight of myself and the person I have worked so hard to become. I must push through and believe that all will work out. I must stay true to those who matter to me, to hold on to the ones that have supported me through all of this and to remind me that they must not be taken granted for and that I don’t need any other confidence reassurance from anyone but myself and those who love me and matter. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone because I know who I am under this stress and under this eczema. I will be okay!

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