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I have a strange thing where I can own ten planners and I can somehow still find a use for all of them! This year, I’ve been using this Lily Pulitzer planner for my favorite purpose.. to journal!

Find out more below!

I love love love to journal, but something about a million blank pages intimidates me a bit! Or somehow, its just so easy to forget to journal, especially as days grow long. I’ve invested  a smaller planner as you can see below (Target Sugar Paper!) and have put aside the Bando I am Busy one. It is totally stupid to be honest, but I’m all about this metaphorical or ridiculously literal idea of I don’t want to be busy anymore and have a huge agenda with lots of space to add more lists of things to do, so I’ll put aside the large book that says “I am Busy” on it, which I spent the past three months filling up and I’m just in desperate need of a break. Point is, I could definitely use a fresh start.

I loved the Bando because it was ringed and was so cute and quirky with all its silly reminders!

For personal (and slightly crazy) reasons, I am switching to Sugar Paper for that smooth texture and simple format. Its been awhile since I’ve picked up something a little classier vs funky anyways! I always love a little of both. So far, its been super great. Very simple, gets the job done.

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Sugar Paper planners  from Target! 🙂


I guess I don’t want to spend my days constantly planning for the next few days, constantly focusing on whats going to happen next.

It’s about time I focus on the present (cheesy as it is, but completely necessary). So going back to my Lily Pulitzer planner, I’ve been using it to journal! Theres something about having the dates that keep me accountable. It allows me to reflect on the good.

When I get the chance, I’ll write an entry for the day. If I do get too busy with school and work, I might skip a few days, but I always return and reflect on the past few days.

You might think, well now I’m just reflecting on the past! But that’s the key.. There are so many great things in my life that I keep forgetting or moving past and its definitely great to reflect on the great things, rather than when I would reflect on the bad previously. Our days get so long and we all forget the many positive things in our lives.

So regarding the actual entries, my key is always write the good things and only the good things!

  • What did you like about today?
  • Did anything funny happen today?
  • Any positive hopes for tomorrow?
  • Connections you had with people? Conversations you enjoyed?
  • And more!

I occasionally do write hopes for tomorrow (rather than hour by hour plan the whole week). For now, I feel like I’m slowly conquering the present and past and hopefully I’ll figure this out more as I go and soon conquer the future.

Once again, I apologize for the cheesiness 🙂


Blue interior!

Cute polkadot exterior!

Of course, my favorite Lily!

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Happy journaling 🙂

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