Sweet Mugs



It has been super rainy lately (like everywhere), but you can never go wrong with some rain gear. It definitely sucks carrrying everything from class to class and being that one person with all the stuff that everybody trips over trying to get to their seat! Haha, yup.. I’m that one kid who brought their whole apartment to class.

Anyhow, aside from me embarassing my friends sitting next to me.. I’m extremely glad I decided to be prepared this year for the rain!

So first,

  1. Raincoat – I think patterned and bold colored raincoats are great! So, I got a navy raincoat with white polka dots and a PINK inner lining! Ahhhhh yesss, a pop of color is the BEST! I got it from Gap Kids! 
  2. Rain boots – Who doesn’t love splashing in puddles guilt and soggy feet free?! (more info on my boots are on a previous post!) (on a quick note, puffy paint likes to peel in rain..especially on a rubber surface! So all purpose or a acrylic paint might work better.. no promises though.. I’m not an artist!! this is all trial and error!!)
  3. Umbrella – I actually don’t remember where I got this. But fun, bright, and cool umbrellas are great on dull days! Mine has a periscope and a little clear goggle section (I almost ran into a pole since that goggle thing doesn’t have the best perception or view… Haha!)
  4. Lastly, tea is AMAZING on a cold day! So an insulated carry mug thang is super useful! Starbucks and Target has a ton 🙂

Stay Dry!

(P.S., this is an old picture of me and my umbrella when I first purchased it!)

This is the super sweet tennis ball mug my brother got me from Starbucks. It is the sweetest and cutest thing ever and definitely reminds me of my own dog haha! Its great for tea (especially on this super cozy rainy day!)

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