Beads on beads!

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Purchasing beaded necklaces get way too pricey! (Especially polymer clay ones!) So, I started to purchase my own clay and make my own! Here are some 🙂

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Custom order from Etsy with a mixture of wood and polymer clay!

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A lot of these were inspired by Emily Green!

Polymer clay can be purchased on Amazon and I found directions all over Google.

Basically create the shape with your hands – make sure to knead out the clay first (bend it around a bit!)

I used a toothpick to create the hole! You can also chop off the furry end of a cue tip!

Then place the beads inside the oven at 350 for about 10-15 minutes 🙂


Here are some of my past collections!

These are my Chunky & Funky beads!

I’ve been really loving large beaded necklaces and I’m so glad I finally purchased some to paint! 

I bought them on Amazon here: Circle Beads  Polygon Beads  Oval Beads

Purchase my hand-painted necklaces here:


I got this peplum tank and tee-dress below from Old Navy and they’re super comfy and soft. I think the bold colors and chunkyness of the beads really pop out when worn with these and I love it!


These are my Spring Beads!

I spent some time playing with some colors and repainting my beaded necklaces (which were actually my first post on this blog!) 

Here are some colors I’ve been loving. 

(Hand Made Modern at Target)

Candy Floss, Deep Sea, Leaf, Cobalt, Robin’s Egg, Tangelo

A fun way to see what colors you like together is just to simply paint random strokes and circles on a paper or napkin. I actually did this one by drying my paint brush after painting my beads! That’s actually super fun — to create a little painting through cleaning the colors off your brush (also a great way to see what color combinations you’d like — you’d be surprised)!

Here are the beads I painted! I will post a video soon on how to paint them (you can also check out my very first post on this blog to see written out directions!).

Keep an eye out! 🙂

I have also posted an Etsy listing for those who want to buy some!

The link is here

Here are some photos on how I paired these necklaces with one of my favorite tops. I love bold patterns with neutral colors that can be accented with bright colors! So these beads definitely do the perfect job of accenting this bold and simple print!

(Top from Banana Republic!)

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