Spicin’ Up Your Study Space

I get it — school is definitely not the easiest and isn’t always the most appealing. There will be those courses that are either naturally fun or you just happen to find interesting. But, there are those that are just ugh dreadful. What’s even worse? The classes you actually look forward too b/c they interest you, but you’re just too overwhelmed and just too darn tired to even enjoy it. That’s the worst and that literally happens to me ALL the time. 

As always, I find a way to at least brighten up my long days or keep me smiling through studies. So, here are some fun finds for school supplies and the way I decorated my study space!


How I Decorated My Study Space

I really, really love collages. Its just a big organized mess of things I love! 

  • In the upper left are two cards from Trader Joe’s that are just super duper lovely! One says “Home Sweet Home” with little flowers that looked like they were sewn in! Ahh, just perfect!
  • Below is a corkboard with a few fun prints, a little party hat, and some reminders 
  • Below that is my magnetic whiteboard (both were from Daiso). This one has little magnetic flowers from Daiso and polkadot magnetic circles from the Target dollar section. 
    • On this whiteboard is my schedule for my classes!
  • I have a little striped clipboard next to it (found at Marshalls) and under it are little froggy post-its!! (from Daiso! They are the CUTEST!)
    • I also have a two strips of printed cardstock under for a little colorful touch!
  • Below the little froggy post-its is a little pattern I painted just for funsies
  • The whole right side are paintings! The top and bottom are mine and I bought the middle one from an Oh Joy yardsale!

This little wall is a fun wall of inspiration and creativity when I feel a little flustered with school things. I think we all kind of need that — just a wall filled with little things that make you happy and feel inspired! 🙂

So here are closeups of the magnets and clips! The clips were from the Target dollar section as well (probably hands down one of my favorite sections at Target)

I’m not too sure what I will use these for (one has bandaids in it actually hahaha), but I thought they were the cuuuutest little boxes and baggie, so I just taped them to my wall as decor! (I honestly don’t understand what runs through my mind when I decorate my room..literally just sticking random things on my wall)

I absolutely love love love the spots and flowers!

The little boxes were found at the Dollar Tree and the mini baggie was found at the Target gifting section.

  • I bought the pail on the left from the Target dollar section (of course) and it has polkadots on the inside (99% of the reasons why I buy things)
  • The vase in the middle is another one of my painted jars! It is a little milk jar painted with acrylic paint and painter’s tape! For the flower arrangement, I went to Jo-anns and found the clearance section for flowers and just bought a few random ones, chopped them up and mixed them all up!
  • The paper container on the right is from Ikea! I think the pattern is just perfect mix of colors!

  • This calendar from Daiso is beeeautiful with super super pretty watercolor painted flowers all over (I really wish I could paint that well hehe)
  • These mini containers are probably one of the most useful things I have — they’re reallly useful for my command strips, paperclips, pins and more! You can buy them at Staples or any supply store I think!

I’m obsesseddddd with these humongous paperclips and push pins!!! They’re from once again, the dollar section at Target! I love big little things and little big things.. there is also a huge clothes pin in one of the other pictures!

(As you can see, I love investing in useless objects and items that somehow make me happy)

Always invest in decorative push pins and tiny clothespins. They do wonders.

(They can be found at Target, Marshalls, or Amazon)

I love boxes! This one from Cotton On is probably one of my favorites! 

Also invest in these pointless printed straws that I bought from Target. I just stick them in my vases and containers to add a very strange pop of color and design 🙂

If you take vitamins like I do, this container is super adorable and is from Daiso.

(I’m still not taking my vitamins daily.. but at least they’re in a cute container!)

This is my favorite lamp ever! I mean Hello, rainbow lamp? How could I not have this?! Purchased from the Home Depot and definitely brightens up my room!

Below it is my lion lunchbag! For those who pack lots of fruit like me, you can find the links below 🙂

More flower hooks from Daiso!

Chair socks. Are they not the cutest? Found at Daiso (of course..)

They prevent imprints in rugs or scratches on wood floors!

Here is a super sweet pom pom garland made with yarn! You can literally find the tutorial anywhere on Pinterest but heree is the one I used!

School Supplies

  1. Having an animal lunchbox can always brighten up your school day and what’s better than snacking on some cold fruit! You can find one here or heree
  2. Life Factory waterbottle — Glass is truly better! These are slightly heavier but I still love them! No worries about melty plastic if you accidentally leave them in your car too. Just becareful to not drop it. You can find it heree
  3. Planner — I found this planner at Target and it had a switchable cover, so I added a polkadot pattern 🙂 Target seriously has the BEST planners.
  4. Pencil bag — I actually made this pencil bag, but I’ll definitely put up a how-to someday (for the fifth time I’ve said this.. but I’m serious.. I will!!)
  5. My watermelon shirt to just brighten up someone else’s day b/c I assure you someone will complement you buuut.. it was actually a random find at Aeropostale (I literally strolled by the store and saw it and it was the first thing I bought from there in ages!!). 
  6. Always buy some fun notebooks for journaling 🙂

A cute hole puncher from Daiso (comes in stapler form also and the stapler form has the tiniest little staples heheh!)

Fun printed tablet cases to accessorize your backpack of course!


Here are super neon and fun folders + binders from Target 🙂

Finding the perfect pencil bags or even make up bags for those who use it can always add a little fun and color to your backpack! 

My mom got these baggies free from Clinique, but I honestly think its so cute! Look at the little lady bugs hehehe

I actually got this other pencil case from Ikea. It was attached to a larger bag haha so I just removed it! But it works and its so simple + cute!

The trick is to just keep your eye out for fun prints that you think would brighten up that horrible Monday morning as your reach into your backpack and pull something out as simple as your folder or pencil bag or even your stapler. A fun print could easily just make you slightly smile 🙂

Happy spicing!

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