Positive Vibes

I recently got an email from my brother about spreading myself too thin and it somehow came at the perfect time — sometimes we just have to do one thing at a time and stop trying to conquer the world but instead conquer our own mind, health, and things we should care the most about and can actually control

At the same time, I came upon this little pinwheel how-to from Brit+Co and I thought it was perfect b/c 99% of the time I forget to do these things!

This whole not being able to take care of myself is something I’m still struggling with, but I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things sometime soon! One step at a time right?

I sometimes tend to forget to remind myself that, I’ll be okay! And I think we all tend to forget that we’re all always going to be okay.


That being said I love buying things that are positive or just make me feel good, so here are some recent purchases!

The “Lovely” mug is SUPER sweet hehe and this “Super” apron below is so LOVELY! Ahhh! Just positive words everywhere! Love it!

You can find the mug and apron at bodenusa.com (link here)!

I also got this cute pineapple glasses case from AE! It comes in four fun patterns and is super soft and its perfect for my spare glasses or sunglasses!  

The link to buy here!

Lastly, here is my little how-to for the pin wheel!

  1. Cut out 6 pizza slice (haha) shaped pieces of cardstock paper (any color, pattern etc)
  2. Place them and glue/tape them so it becomes a whole pizza! You can place them on a circle carboard or something harder.. I honestly just used a regular cardstock paper (nothing fancy at all!)
  3. Trim the circle to make it even if necessary (mine came out all crooked at first! Maybe looked more like a flower than a pizza)
  4. On each piece, write everyday goals that you want to add into your life and just can’t seem to remember to always do (“work out,” “take 10 min to relax”) — you can use markers or sharpies or whatever! I used paint marker sticks from Target!
  5. Make an arrow thingy — I cut out a pencil.. you can cut out a regular arrow, a crayon, a balloon.. anything you want as the spinny thing! (I also use tape to laminate it so it doesn’t get all funky over time)
  6. Either hole punch or poke a hole (depending on the size of your arrow) — if you poke a hole, make sure you poke a hole big enough so the arrow doesn’t hug the pin and spin slow!
  7. Finally, you can use a prong fastener… but I didn’t have those laying around so I just stuck a regular pin and use a small eraser in the back to stick the pin through (so it doesn’t end up poking me)! 

If you want a more professional take on this… Brit+Co’s how-to is here!

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