Planners & Journals

My planner is literally my life. I am so beyond cluttered in my mind and would be completely lost without my planner (I’m just so bad at life sometimes that I actually have to write every single thing I need to do down or I will forget every little thing I have to do). So, my planner definitely lets me feel like I at least somewhat have my life together. 

For those who are just as crazy as me, please invest in a planner and I definitely recommend buying post-its and colorful markers (b/c it wouldn’t hurt to have a little fun with getting your life together) 

So here are my little tips: 

  • Always color-code. Each class has its own color (for exams, etc) 
  • Use post-its for events since sometimes they are postponed or times change so you could easily move the post-it or just replace it (instead of having 10 layers of white-out like I used to and sometimes still do)
  • Either choose colorful colors for classes or colorful post-its for different events.. or just get two planners! I honestly spent a good hour staring at my list of exam dates and my list of events deciding how to color code. 
    • It drives me nuts but honestly saves my butt in the long run
  • If you have exams coming up, please put reminders at least a week or two beforehand!
  • Have a to-do list, your schedule and assignments! Categories are a must and color code your assignments for classes as well
  • Yellow highlighter clouds are super awesome for noting that an event or assignment is important!

My journal(S) and this blog on the other hand, are becoming a large part in my life (as in, I’m still getting in the habit of actually writing in these darn things). This blog is just a place for me to (as you can see) ramble about the favorite bits about my day to day and how I basically get through my days (as I watch my capabilities of handling life hopefully improve over the years). My journals are places for me to appreciate the amazing bits of my life.

  1. My first journal basically lists things that make me happy day to day. For example, when my dog kisses me good morning or when I bike to school on time or when my dinner turns out well. Just little things that make my days worthwhile since sometimes we really do tend to forget to appreciate these things.
  2. The second journal is a different type of journal. Rather than rambling on about every detail about my day, I solely focus on the positive and great things about my day. I have a HUGE problem of not letting things go and letting stupid things get to me. So, this allows me to focus on the better bits of my day and also helps me reflect on good moments. So I just write about funny, happy, or memorable moments about my day.

Both are very similar, but one its more generic and focuses more on that whole “smelling the flowers” and “feeling the breeze” kind of thing. The little things we gotta focus on everyday. The other is more focused on specific memorable moments about my day that made me feel happy or positive and that I may someday want to reflect on.

Happy planning and journaling!



**This is how my planner begins to look when I get all busy! It’s super exciting once all the events and reminders come together hehe!

So, if you’re like me and have the worst time trying to get your life together, then you’ve come to the right place. For me, I’m the type of person where I always want to do everything and I wish I could triple minor and whatever else! However, with a lot on my plate with just one minor and preparation for teaching school, here is how I kind of handle my life.

Having a bunch of science classes to take and picking up a minor can be tough when you make the stupid mistake of never taking four classes at once until now. But don’t fret!

Here is how I go about planning my classes. But I know what you’re thinking, how do I know I’ll even get those classes for that quarter?

Well, I don.t. So, what I do is.. I use (once again) post-its and markers (such a re-occuring theme..).

  • For classes that I’ve already taken, I’ll remove the post-its and write down the classes to keep record of classes I have taken.
  • For classes I haven’t taken, but plan to.. I use (colorcodedddd) post-its~
    • This becomes super duper useful since some classes aren’t offered during that time or maybe you want to move one class to a different quarter, so you simply just move the post-it and its a super awesome system!
    • You’re able to see all your options and are able to change any of them!
    • Even if you decide to completely take out one class, you can simply just toss out a post-it! It’s that easy!
  • Color coding is super helpful just to see what classes are required or classes where you have an option to change it.. etc. Here is how I color coded mine:
    • Pink: Science classes for my biology major
    • Orange: Sociology classes for my minor (specifically the upper division courses where I have a choice of which UD class I want to take)
    • Blue: Required courses for my major and minor (Math, English, UD requirements, etc.)
    • Green/yellow: These are the classes where I’m choosing to take it or I have a choice of which ones I want to take (certain breadths like Women Studies and Philosophy courses)

** Oh, don’t forget to make a list of classes offered that you are interested in! That way you can switch them out or add them, etc.!

Happy planning 🙂

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