Patterned Bowls!

I’ve been really into cookies, cereal, oatmeal, smoothies and ice-cream, but I’ve especially been into super fun bowls, cups, and mugs for all my favorite tasty desserts/snacks/breakfasts! 🙂 So, here are some of my favorites and where I bought them! I explain what I use them for, but you can honestly use all of these for anything!




Here are probably my favorite ones! They’re both from IKEA and I love love love the prints on them. I love that clear glass thaang with a fun spotted print! I use the orange one for my cereal or oatmeal and the one on the right for my milk or OJ!

I bought these from Daiso and like I said, loving that glass thaang! I use these for my water and icecream or smoothie bowls 🙂


This one is for my drinks — tea, milk, smoothies, etc. I painted this at Crafty U Too, which is like a Color Me Mine. If you’re in the Riverside area, definitely check out Crafty U Too!!

I also painted this little tea cup — I use it for my tea, milk, icecream, and I even use it for my cereal once! Hahaha!

Also painted is this super sweet bowl for your rice, fruit, oatmeal, cereal.. everythinng!

I’ve been meaning to turn this little painted jar into a cookie jar! (I had a thing for painting polkadot interiors if you haven’t noticed haha!)

On the top are super cute plates from Daiso, which I use for my cookies hehe.

On the bottom are suuuuuper cute ice trays from IKEA! The blue one is for long bottles and the green one are stars! So awesome!!!

Happy eatinnng! (I’m definitely always happy when I do)

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