Painting Shoes and Phone Cases

Once again, my love for painting random things I own!

I tend to mostly paint shoes and phone cases since those are the easiest. 

Here are a few tips on how I paint these:

These rain boots are my most recent! 

For these I just used the basic puffy paints that you can purchase at Jo-ann’s

I bought these rain boots from Amazon. The brand is called Chooka, but you can honestly use any brand.

The design was just simple raindrops and umbrellas!

All three of the sneakers below are all Keds and you can purchase these on Amazon or at the store! 

I bought the wide-feet ones, which don’t have designs and is also the reason why I started painting these in the first place.

I used acrylic paint and all purpose paint for the tip of the sneakers and treated like it was an actual canvas painting.

 For the sides and the rest of the shoes.. I actually got too lazy once again and just used puffy paint to paint the little animals (that’s why they look a lot more cartoon-ish haha)

For these, I used puffy paints!

For these crayons, I used all purpose paint in many colors. I had to mix a few to get some of the lighter shades.

Phone cases are honestly my favorite since some of the actual patterned phone cases are not the cutest! I tend to do lots of fruits, but I’m starting to stray away from them.

I usually buy TPU phone cases (Amazon) since they are the cheapest and I love that hard jelly case feel

(But keep in mind, these cases aren’t good for iPhones since they don’t protect as much! Galaxies can handle since they’re made of plastic)

I also use puffy paint for these since its a lot easier to use, stays better, and feels better!

However, multi-purpose paint is also fine if you want a more fancier design rather than a cute puffy paint kind of design!

(I actually used paper on this one — refer to one of my past posts on popsicles — but, you can do the same design with puffy paint!) **don’t forget to “laminate” the design with packaging tape so they don’t get ruined!

***For designs with faces, always let the base dry first, then put some black puffy paint on a paper or napkin and use a tooth pick to dip into the paint and create the little faces!

Happy shoe and phone painting 🙂

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