Painted Wooden Utensils

A Kitchen Color Pop!

My kitchen has become a place for me to enjoy my meals and cook tasty food. Its a part of the apartment to look forward to when coming home from school dying for something to eat.

 I have even adopted that whole idea of “a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen” and the one who will purchase cute little dishes, bowls and cups just to brighten up my meals.

While shopping for my apartment kitchen, I purchased a ton of colorful kitchen utensils and tools to brighten up my space. When coming upon these cooking utensils, I realized, here are these plain little ol’ wooden spatula sorts of things.. why don’t I add a little fun touch to them and make them a little more poppy and exciting instead of this bland bamboo thing it got going on!

Read more to find out how!

1. The Basics

So the first step is to buy some bamboo/wooden kitchen utensils

Lay them flat on a paper just for cleanliness!


Next, you’ll need a foam brush — which is only a few cents and I recommend grabbing a few since these brushes tend to soak up water and absorb the colors. 

I believe it is much easier to just have a bunch of brushes for each color, but I somehow prefer making my life more complicated and I just end up using only one. So, that involves a lot of wiping the brush on plain paper and using some clean water (as shown in the background below)

You’ll also need multi-surface paint or acrylic paint of course. Brands aren’t a huge deal, but above has some examples of what I use!

You can also use a ceramic paint bowl thing for your paint! 

(plastic stains and dirties a lot easier, so its not too washable and you’d probably have to end up throwing it away after two times, whereas I’ve been using this safe bowl for months!)

I bought this one from Daiso in the crafts section!

2. Paint your design!

  • You’ll want to add a base coat of white paint, especially for lighter colors like yellow. 
  • You can also do this for other colors to prevent needing multiple coats.
  • However, adding multiple coats will definitely add boldness to the color!

Here is a fun trick — you can also mix up some colors and create a marbled look!


  • When using the foam brush, use the straight tip for borders and lines and use the flat end to fill the rest in
  • Painter’s tape comes in handy for making your lines straighter! Just wrap and paint 🙂

Here is a little video with some tips. My mom literally just recorded me painting for about 2 minutes, so it’s pretty bland and she is not the greatest with cameras haha. But it’s the best its going to get for now! 

Painting Wooden Utensils

Also, for other kitchen tools that are a little trickier to paint, Marshalls and ROSS has lots of discounted kitchen items in many, many different colors to mix and match (as shown above!)



Happy crafting! 🙂

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