Mini Stuffed Dreamy Clouds

Ahh, so I made some cute little mini stuffed clouds

It was inspired by a Cotton On Kids Pens! I thought it would be the cutest as a little hanging decor (rather than a pen.. but totally check out the website if you’re digging the pen)!

If you have some sewing skills and would like to make these too, then here are the supplies you’ll need:

Ribbon or tulle, puffy paint, white fabric, needle+thread, stuffing..

  1. Just start by cutting out the shape of the cloud
  2. Sew the bottoms together first with all the ribbon or tulle
  3. As you sew the edges of the cloud, start stuffing towards the last hump or poof or whatever (heheh)!
  4. You can add a little ribbon for hanging too! 
  5. Lastly, paint a little dreamy face and some raindrops on the back!

You can also purchase these little dreamy clouds from my Etsy stop here! 🙂

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