Little Pick Me Ups

After college (and probably since English Honors in high school), I’ve found it hard to motivate myself to read or even find time to read. I used to love reading (I even called myself a book worm heheh), but it’s gotten a little tough! 

So instead, I’ve been collecting a few bedside reads for a pick me up after a long day. They are either children’s books or cute little happiness books! They always find a way to cheer me up and are such quick reads for long days. 

The top three on the stack are all happiness books that consist of phrases or quotes that make you smile or reflect. The 1 Page at a time one was just for fun (a writing activity thats not for school).

Below that is my favorite Oh Joy book with all these crafts, colors, and inspiration that keep me going!

The thin white books are by Leo Lionni. I always love that children books have little lessons

Frederick is about taking in life and the wondrous things in the world around you even in harsh times.. since sometimes those appreciations may be all you have!

A Color of Your Own is about accepting yourself for who you are and finding a wise friend along the way.

The last two are by Nancy Tillman. They are books for mothers to read to their babies. The titles are “Where-ever you are, my love will find you” and “You’re here for a reason.” I’m sure you can guess what there are about. They are both so very heart warming and definitely makes me want to hug my mom and dad. Love it!

I hope you find a few bedside reads that you’ll love too! Children’s books are for everybody.

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