How I Decorated My Bedroom

So I’ve decided to start a series of how I decorated my apartment — I will do a video tour sometime soon just for those who aren’t the biggest book worms and are too lazy to read my essays here.

Moving into an apartment that is furnished is definitely beneficial, but also a little tough since you can’t choose your own furniture and sometimes the room style just isn’t your preference. In my case, my room was a little small and I’m not the biggest fan of darker wood and I love windows which my room did not have too many of. But, I love the challenge of working with what I have.

To start off, I’ll go through how I accessorized my bedroom (or well, my cave when midterms come along).

 Here is my little wall of inspiration! Just a little reminder to stay happy with some old pictures of my family as a constant reminder of my support group. Surrounding it are little paper flowers and sprinkles!

  • I used a simple yarn string and mini clothes pins for the photo garland (scroll down for details on the clothes pins)
  • I used wrapping paper and printed card stock to cut out the letters of the word “Happy”
  • To add the sprinkles, I cut out little rectangles from colored paper and I also used some neon washi tape (shown below)

(washi tape)

I will probably do a little tutorial on how to make these cute & fun flowers sometime soon, but they are definitely great to add a little flowery touch.

Here are a bunch of little clips I used

  • For the flower clothespin, I bought it from Daiso
  • For the mini plastic clothes pin, I bought it hereee

Below my inspirational wall is my little clutter shelf! If you know me, I LOVE organized clutter and I seriously hoard too many useless things. But it brings me joy to see these cute little things, so I definitely think its worth!

I absolutely love this little basket. I got it at Target and ahh, I just love the crazy cute little things Target always has to offer!! This basket was definitely made for toys but I’m sure socks work just fine too!

This storage bin was also from Target and I’m definitely not much of a gray person, buuut I could not say no the yellow inner lining and the little floral pattern! 

I needed a place for my beads, so I just stuck on some Command hooks and just hung these little baggies that came with my pillow cases. I wasn’t too sure what to do with those little baggies, but I thought it would add a nice little touch so my necklaces wouldn’t be so lonely.

You can never go wrong with PipSqueak markers in a fun little hand painted mason jar!

These little storage bins are just so darn useful (especially for someone as cluttery as me) and only about 3 or 4 dollars each at Target!

I love investing in printed cardstock paper since you can simply add a little striped touch to a plain lavender jewelry box. 

And mini buttons + clothespins are always best stored in cute cork jars (which I got at Target once again!)

Here is a little example of how I like to have a little fun with my printed cardstock paper 🙂

Here are a bunch of hand painted print that I spent a whole afternoon doing (and a few printed card stock papers)

I will probably also do a tutorial on this fun little sun sometime soon — Nothing says “Goodmorning” better than a sun right above your bed!

Adding a flip clock (which I got from Cotton On) and adding probably one of my favorite things ever, a Pop Phone (which reduces radiation and is just simply fun to use — you can purchase it HERE) is always great for a nice little fun & vintage touch without being way too hip.

I made these dots and flowers from tissue paper and its super easy — just cut up some circles from tissue paper (of course haha) and for the flowers, put a few layers of tissue paper, pinch the center from the bottom and voila!

Fun little printed pillows are also great!

I got these dotted pillowcases from Target and I love that the dots aren’t too roundish or chicken-pox ish. Very light a subtle pattern.

I have always wanted a rest pillow since I love stuffing my face in pillows and resting on my bed, so this neon yellow green one was just perfect. 

It comes in different colors, is suuuuper soft and is currently 10% off here!

This is actually a baby blanket that I got from Marshalls. It barely covers my leg, but it is also aaamazingly soft and has the cutest little animal print on it!

I’m not the biggest fan of mirrors (haha), so I actually covered my entire mirror… But yay for more fun prints that brighten up my room!

This stool is super useful for shorter people like me for harder to reach places! Its from Ikea from the kid’s section!

You can also see my large bags with fun patterns (I kind of collect these)

My hard to reach place consists of: a suuper cute lunch bag from Ikea that will save my butt at the beach or picnics or travels! Two little animal book ends from Daiso and another fun storage box from Cotton On

This dog butt hook is definitely one of my favorite things ever! You can find it at Ikea 🙂

This little lining is super useful for a nice layer under shoes or on shelves. It was only 3 dollars at Walmart.

This hook thing from Ikea is one of the top useful things in my closet. Its perfect for all my scarfs and belts!

Daiso also has these super super cute flower hooks, which I have used for my hats!


More super cute things from Daiso include these little animal dusters! Ahh love these just too much!

A way to add a little fun touch to things would be throwing in a homemade party hat here and there 🙂

Ribbons are also useful for hiding cords!

Lastly, colorful lanterns can definitely brighten up a room in so many ways! I love finding little things that add fun touches including these little gift tags from the dollar section at Target. 

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