Gumball Galore

(So this is my first blog post, so please, bear with me! I don’t have any fancy video recording gizmos so this will have to do!)

I actually found some of these necklaces on Pinterest and they were being sold for like $20-$40 (that could fund a week of smoothies and ice cream), and I thought that was just ridiculous. 

So as a college student without a job, but loves her little colorful accessories, I decided to just paint my own. 

Read more to find out how!

1. Beads

Well first things first is, buying some wooden beads! You can find these in the bead or wood aisles at any craft store (Jo-anns or Michael’s and maybe even Daiso!). Some will be already primed (glossy) or will be straight up wood! 

If they are straight up wood, just buy some white wood primer and paint that first. If you’re lazy like me, I just got the glossy wooden beads and just painted it with white acrylic or all-purpose paint 

(therefore the brownish color wouldn’t show through the paint and I wouldn’t need a thousand coats of paint haha). 

I think mine was about $6 for like a huuuge container of wooden beads.

So paint a coat of white paint for if you have some darker beads as shown below — if you have a lighter color wood, then white paint may not be necessary.

2. Now you will start your designs! 

Like I said, any acrylic or all-purpose paint should work. I kind of just find whatever and try it (I’m never picky with brands). They usually go for about $2-3 per bottle!

  • Using painters tape, I wrapped half of the circular bead.. that way I’d be able to paint only half the bead!
    • This is a neat trick to make a cute little half-painted design, which is shown the final picture
  • Once you finish painting half of the bead, let it dry and paint maybe one or two more coats
  • When it’s all dry, peel off the tape slowly and there ya go!

  • For the cool little swirly ones, you can either use nail polish and follow these directions from Oh Joy Watch tutorial here!
  • Orr, you can try what I did..
    • Buy some neon acrylic paint
    • Pour it into a plate
    • Get a little toothpick and swirl it around
    • Roll the bead into the swirly paint!

 3. The pain in the butt…

Drying — Here are some tricks for drying.. which can definitely get a little annoying (this is where I actually struggled the most and ended up getting paint all over my hands, legs and floor! Have a bunch of tape prepared!!)


To hold onto the bead without touching it, I got a little lazy to buy actual supplies like skewers, so I just rolled up some painters tape and stuck it through the bead!

Therefore, I could hold the tape stick to paint the bead as well as being able to tape it onto my table and hang it to dry


Another way is to use that weird wirey thing that people have in their tool bags

(I honestly have no idea what its called but it works and that’s all that matters to me haha).

Just string it through the bead and twist it and its like a little rolley paint thing

(perfect for rolling through the swirley paint)

Then you can dry it the same way!

Another option (and possibly the most ideal) is to take an old thin paintbrush, a skewer, or other stick like objects and just stick the beads on them and paint!

You can stick them in a cup (not plastic or it’ll fall over) or put them at the edge of your table to dry!

I honestly do not have the patience for drying, so things usually get a little messy.. but no worries! Sometimes I just go and do a few other things and come back rather than sitting there staring at the beads.  Or even start on different beads!

 4. Strings strings strings!

One type I used was this weird jelly one that came in super fun colors and I found it randomly somewhere in Jo-anns — I love it because it has a fun and kiddy feel to it!

Thin yarn! This one is a little more ideal — Its a neutral color and its only $1.50 from Daiso!

Please keep in mind that you never need these exact tools or tricks! Be innovative and use what you have. Don’t spend hours finding the exact items at a craft store to get the exact things someone used for their DIY. Just find what works and just do what you can with what you can find! Having fun and making it your own is always the best part.

 Also, remember that if bright colors aren’t your thing, this is still something you can do! Use some more neutral colors (maybe similar to the blue one I painted or try a white/natural color or even use darker shades of these colors)!

So this is basically all the little tips and tools you’ll need to make these wooden necklaces! Happy crafting and feel free to ask if you have any questions! 🙂

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