Fun in the Sun

I’ve been loving products a lot lately and this sunglasses tote is suuuper cute! But as a college student, $20 for a tote is a little too pricey.. so I decided to paint one instead! 

I love that I was able to add a little of my own flair to it and I even used glow-in-the-dark paint, so now it glows!

Purchase the original bag here !

Here are the supplies I used!

  1. Hand Made Modern paintbrushes (any size works — I have small and medium sets and they both work just fine!)
  2. Black puffy paint — I used this to outline the sunglasses shapes (the puffy paint is easier to use than a paintbrush since its like a little bottle pen thing)
  3. For the paint, I used Hand Made Modern glow-in-the dark and regular acrylic/multi-surface paints — the colors I used are:
  • Satin Deep Sea
  • Glow-in-the-dark Full Moon Yellow
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Candy Floss
  • Satin Robin’s Egg
  • Satin Azalea

4. For the bags, I got the Hand Made Modern totes on sale, so its normally $10 for 2, but I got it for $5! Either way, they’re are a decent deal since they are super sturdy and work really well (I can stuff tons of my groceries and produce in them and they’re just fine!)

You can get any of these supplies at the Target craft section. If not, the brands honestly don’t matter and you can probably get them at your local craft store (Jo-ann’s, Michael’s) or even on Amazon 🙂

Don’t forget to stick a sheet of paper inside the bag so your paint doesn’t seep through (a mistake I made when I started painting these haha)


  1. Add a sheet of paper inside the bag
  2. Use your black puffy paint to create a design (you can sketch it out with a pencil first if needed) 
  3. Let the black paint dry (it should be quick depending on how much paint you used!)
  4. Fill in the the colors with a standard paintbrush and paints! For darker colors like the teal below, you may need to redo the black outline with puffy paint like how I began to do in the photo below
  5. Let the paint dry
  6. Use the brush and light blue paint to blotch (dab and brush the paintbrush) the insides of the sunglasses to create a translucent appearance
  7. After that, just simply add your last few touches and flair and you’re good to go! 

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