Bathroom and Kitchen Decor

Bathroom Decor

So, my bath room made a trip to Ikea basically. Ahh, they definitely have the cuuuutest shower curtains. Here is one I found which has really fun and random things on it!

Rainy octopus hehe w/ a fluffly pink cloud + raindrops

A jar of colorful gum balls, duckies, and watermelonnn

Ahh a pink cactus and a whale with goggles?!

Since I’m super clumsy, I also got this alligator non-slip pad for the bottom of the bath tub! Probably my favorite next to the shower curtain! This was also from Ikea!

Going with the Ikea theme, this laundry basket is just too adorable and you can find it at the kid’s section for only FIVE dollars! What a steal!

Here some door decal using **post-it notes**!! I actually didn’t bring enough colorful paper, so I just cut out circles from my colorful post-its and added some polka-dots on my restroom door!

I love love love this! 🙂 My bestfriend bought it for me and I love it! You can find it at Target (..also from the kid’s section heheh…)

I painted this mini pot using some acrylic paint and cut these flowers from different faux bouquets! It adds a little flair for the bathroom.

(Oh, and I highly recommend the strawberry lemonade hand soap from Bath and Body Works! It smells deliciousss)

Towels on Towels!

 I’m not sure why, but towels are some of my favorite things!

Also from Ikea (yes, quite a reoccurring theme here) are these super adorable hand towels! I love the simple plaid-ish pattern that complements all the crazy patterns in my bathroom.

Super fun and cute bunny towels from Kohls 🙂

Such a sweet and simple pattern with such a nice mix of colors! Marshalls always has the best towels.

A floral print from Kohls

Another floral print from Marshalls

This adorable toilet scrubber (YES, toilet scrubbers can be adorable!) is only $1.50 from Daiso! The best part is that you can totally dirty is and just buy another one Who would pay more than 2 bucks for something that cleans your toilet?!

Last, but not least, this super cute koala shower cap from Marshalls (they come in so many fun and different patterns including flamingoes, whales, ducks, etc)! Great for the days where you ladies just aren’t feeling that wet hair feels!

Kitchen Fun

Ahh, I’m in love with all these glass cups! Just the adorable patterns and cup styles.. I can’t!

The three cups in the back are all from Daiso and the polkadot cup in the front + orange ice cream bowl are from Ikea!

This little fruit platter is also from Ikea!

These super pretty plates are from Daiso. I don’t plan to keep them for awhile since I’m sure Daiso doesn’t have the greeeatest quality, but you know, just for funsies!

These sponge holders (I got mine from Marshalls) are so convenient and add a little flair to your sink. A definite two in one!

These shelf liners are from Target (Contact brand). They come in fun patterns and are so useful- they also had a little style, but also prevent scratches to the cabinet or shelf!

(Isn’t that little sauce bowl just the cuuutest? Daiso always gets to me!)

Lastly, here are a few jars I painted awhile back. You can definitely do the same using acrylic paint once again and some painters tape. I plan to use these for my oatmeal ingredients — chia seeds, raisins, brown sugar, granola

Happy decorating!

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