Always, inspire!

Favorite things, favorite prints, favorite Target buys, favorite Target wants (as always..)

Currently my desk right now and I love it. 

  1. These little wooden color block coasters are from Target (LINK HERE!). I already have little button coasters, but I still love these since I can use them for my little paper clips and oversized pins! A little desk organization!
  2. The little binders in the back are also super cute — you can find them at the Bullseye’s Playground ($1 section at target!).. they go for $3 though!
  3. The Bullseye’s Playground also always has the cutest pencils.. colorblock ones, printed ones, ones with the days of the week.. it’s great!!
  4. You can find this adoooorable little mouse at the Oh Joy collection!! I actually added a little paint on its hat for a little neon touch 🙂
  5. The party pin is from and it is a super lovely little accent anywhere in your creative area and on your hair!
  6. I actually got this phone case on clearance for like 50 cents at Target.. so that was super great! Then I just painted some pairs of glasses on them! I just used some all-purpose paint 🙂

I’ve always wanted a pajama set and I found this super cute one from Target. It’s ridiculously soft too and has squids and says “tickle tickle“… its perfect basically! You can find it in the ladies jammies section. The pillow was also from Target!!

My brother’s girlfriend gave me these unicorn slippers and they are just like plushies on your feet!!!

You can purchase them HERE! If you want them cheaper, Amazon is currently selling them for $12!! 🙂 LINK HERE!

These are some more buys from Bullseye’s Playground! I’ve been really diggin these wired wastebaskets and storage bins! See how I used them below!

I thought this was the cutest thing everrrr

Some days of the week pencils!

I’m super super picky with bedding, but I love this! Its like the adult version of Oh Joy’s baby crib one! I was so excited to find one since I was just about ready to by Oh Joy’s crib bedding and force it upon my full sized bed hahaha!!


I love finding super cute patterns when I’m at the store (mostly Target hahaha!) so I’ll take a picture of some items and look back on it when I’m decorating things or painting or whatever else!

A great way to start being creative is to be inspired! I always find prints that I wish to see on other items or I just want to simply reproduce on my bags or on decor in my room! So, I am always on the look out for pretty colors and fun prints! Some are worth buying, but some are better off just reproducing! I’m still figuring out the difference, but its going swell! See some of my inspirations below 🙂


Spotted print on an egg and bouquet of paper flowers

Inside of a journal!

A super sweet pillow 🙂

I will also screenshot some inspirations from other bloggers on IG!

I LOVE office products! So is definitely the babe. Love everything in this photo

This is totally a dog toy but I would love to have it on my bed and I will prob definitely try to make it soon!

Oh Joy Favorites!

I love Oh Joy’s collection, but it isn’t the most affordable.. so here is what I did purchase and what I still love, but just can’t pay for!

I love bags and backpacks, so I figured this would be super useful  and much more worth it than decor!

I recommend that if you get anything out of her collection, it should be these suuuper cute animals!! I have the mouse and it is literally the cutest thing ever. I definitely wish I could purchase all three!

These plates are super cute and I love the colorblock.. but I accommodated by buying the coasters that mentioned earlier! I think it is a good trade 🙂

Ahh.. this is probably one of my favorite things ever. But it is waaay out of my price range. So I will just adore it from afar. Love it so much.. the cutest side table that I’ve ever seen!

These polkadot wall stickers are sweet.. but I instead just cutted out circles out of colored paper and taped them to my wall!

You can purchase any of Oh Joy’s products at any Target or at

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